Cleverscan Manhole Inspection Camera

Manhole Scans

Using five HD cameras and laser measurement, Cleverscan delivers:

  • A flat scan that captures image detail from every inch of the manhole wall.
  • A dense point cloud for 3D visualization and CAD.
  • A virtual environment for offline pan/tilt navigation.

Automated For Maximum Productivity

  • Initiate complete scan sequence with single button press.
  • Perform fully automated scan in 2-3 minutes.
  • Deploy practically anywhere with just one operator.
  • Perform a full day’s work on one battery charge.

Flexible For Easy Integration

  • Comes with bundled software for easy review of manhole condition.
  • Integrates seamlessly with WinCan inspection reporting and asset management software.
  • Complies with MACP.
  • Interfaces with ArcGIS.

Information Coming Soon!

Information Coming Soon!

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