Sewer Equipment Company of America Rodders offer a fantastic sewer cleaning alternative to those communities looking to conserve water, fuel and budgetary resources. This machine can cut roots all day without using a drop of water and only using a fraction of the fuel consumed by a traditional jetter.

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Bucket Machines

  We offer a complete line of rodders, including continuous and sectional designs configured in truck or trailer packages. Trailers are light enough to be towed with a half-ton pickup and their 24HP gas engines can run all day on several gallons of fuel. Truck-mounted units can be powered by an auxiliary 24 HP gas engine or hydrostatically via a truck's PTO.




  Bucket machines hold many advantages: no water is required for operation and only solids are hauled by the bucket. Bucket machines are also an excellent clean up tool in the event of a petroleum or chemical spill, as no water is added to the material during cleaning, thus saving on disposal costs.



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