In 1993, Sewer Equipment Company of America developed its first 747 Trailer Mounted Jet with a rotating hose reel. Throughout its evolution, the 747 series trailer has been the industry standard by which others are judged. Whether it is longevity, operator safety, available options or overall value, the 747 series trailer product is without peer in the current marketplace.

Longevity starts with choosing quality components. The 747 series of jetting solutions offer a Ford gas engine and Giant triplex plunger run-dry water pump as standard equipment, assuring customers a vast support network, utmost performance, and reliability from established brands for the life of the machine. Our trailer frames are made of fully-welded, 1/4″x 2″ x 6″ steel tubing for maximum strength and durability and are certified by the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers, assuring adherence to all federal D.O.T. regulations and safety standards.

Like all Sewer Equipment Company of America jetters, the 747 comes standard with our exclusive Duraprolene water tanks. These Duraprolene water tanks are fully baffled to eliminate surging while stopping and turning with water on-board. The rotating hose reel allows operators to work efficiently and safely, positioning themselves out of way of oncoming ttraffic and other hazards. The operator control interface is NEMA-4 rated, ensuring a weathertight construction. The ECO platform allows the engine to run at 33% less RPM than traditional designs, saving on operating costs due to decreased fuel consumption and creating a safer work environment for operators due to lower noise emission.

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Information Coming Soon!

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