Hydro Excavators

The Ramvac truck-mounted Hydro Excavator is built from the ground up to be the safest, simplest, and most maneuverable Hydro Excavator on the market. When Ramvac engineers began designing this series, they called on end users to help them understand what is important in the field and on the road.

With a number of available options, the Ramvac HX series can be customized to meet the needs of the operator. Ramvac’s HX series trucks are available with 3000-5400 CFM blowers, 6” and 8” boom hose, 3-15 yard debris tanks and transfer case or hydrostatic drive. Ramvac’s Central Lubrication System, heated equipment locker and available 900,000 BTU boiler are features that set Ramvac apart from the competition and help operators get the job done right the first time.

The Ramvac HX trailer series alleviates your worries about hitting underground infrastructure thanks to the power of high pressure water and air movement. Featuring a 3 yard debris tank, 6000 gallon high pressure water system, 200,000 BTU boiler and 1400-3000 CFM blower capacity, the Ramvac HX trailer series not only has big power, but also the quality and dependability required of all field work.

Ramvac’s Catch Basin Cleaner is an industry leader in a world where there is a high focus placed on the maintenance of our underground infrastructures. With blower capacities of 1400-3000 CFM, 4” to 6” hose system and a 320 degree rotating boom, these machines have the power and ease of mobility necessary for any job.