Are certain sewer pipes in your community neglected due to hard to reach manholes? Do your maintenance crews have to manually drag sewer hose across easements or cause damage to residential property, golf courses, or environmentally sensitive areas when trying to service these remote lines?
If so, the Sewer Equipment Company of America easement machine will be an invaluable asset to your fleet as it extends the reach of your sewer jetting truck by 500 feet or more and reduces sewer overflows by easing maintenance tasks.

The JAJ-600WH model is driven by Honda V-twin engines on hydrostatically powered tread drive platforms, eliminating drive chains and sprockets, providing clean and quiet operation. The rubber tracks distribute weight evenly and limit ground pressure to only four pounds per square inch; the same standard applied to golf course maintenance equipment. The JAJ-600WH can fit through standard 36” gates while offering superior lateral stability off-road with tracks that hydraulically extend from 34” to 46” in seconds.

Standard features include skid steering with dual joystick controls, a safety pressure relief valve, a 180-degree rotating safety hose reel, and a 5GPM/10 GPM hydraulic tool circuit for powering bypass pumps and hydraulic tools. Available options include automatic level wind with hydraulic up/down action, safety lights, work lights, tandem transport trailer and more.

Information Coming Soon!

Information Coming Soon!

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