Genesis Water Recycler

GENESIS Water Recycling Sewer Cleaner

The GENESIS water recycling sewer cleaner is the result of 50 years of experience, leading to the optimization of technology allowing water to be saved, separated, and reused. Constructed for cleaning sewers and ducts, the Genesis works rapidly, efficiently and economically, recovering the used water for reuse on a continuous cycle.

Our competitors choose to modify existing sewer cleaning products with a bolt-on recycling component as an afterthought. The mechanical filtration process used by the competition limits the effectiveness of their systems. Filters become clogged when working in grease and water containing other small impurities. The passive separation approach employed by the GENESIS utilizes simple gravity, no filters and a true 5-stage system to separate the water from the impurities it contains. The GENESIS will continue to work when the competition has to quit.


A PERFORATED SKIMMING WALL is the first material separation phase. The solids are retained in the GENESIS debris tank, while the sludge passes on to the next stage.

A SELF-CLEANING DRUM is the next stage in the process, which consists of a rotary drum located in the back door for ease of access when maintaining. Additionally, an internal high-pressure jetting bar and brass scraper keep the drum cleaning while working.

The water is then sent through the HIGH CAPACITY CYCLONE that is the separation centrifuge that reduces both the concentration and size of impurities contained in the water. The debris collected is discharged automatically into the debris tank of the GENESIS.

Next, the water enters the EXCLUSIVE 5 COMPARTMENT SETTLING TANK which allows for natural separation of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) and solids, separating the water from the impurities it contains. This sedimentation tank is the stage that guarantees the high-quality water produced by the GENESIS recycling system.

Lastly, the FINISHING CYCLONES provide an even further refinement, capturing and discharging any residual impurities. After going through the GENESIS 5 stages of separation, the recycled water is free of any material larger than 50 microns (.00196 of an inch). The small size, quantity, and consistency of anything remaining are not able to damage your plumbing, hoses or nozzles.

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Information Coming Soon!

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